Saturday, July 30, 2011

Calvary Addiction Recovery Center: The Spiritual Way Back Informative Video - Learn all about The Calvary Center from the people who have been through treatment and the Therapists who work with them everyday. In their own words and examples find out the real meaning behind "Real People Real Recovery"

An Unbroken Chain - a film about hope & survival is in the process of being made. We are raising $6,000,000 to make a film called An Unbroken Chain based on a book by the same name by Dr. Henry Oertelt. Through his lectures and book, Oertelts story has been used in middle schools, high schools and colleges to educate students on the Holocaust and hate issues for over 40 years.

$6 million for 6 million people is the website to donate and become a link in our unbroken chain - please visit to find out more information.

Advanced Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry - Teeth by Tonight - Dental Implants - Main video

Grand Home Furnishings is celebrating our 100th Anniversary. We are paying tribute to our long tradition of giving back to the community by launching a year of additional community service. We have started The Grand Happiness Foundation in which we will be helping children's hospitals, women's shelters, children's organizations and other family-oriented non-profit groups over the year.